Getting Rid of Rust Stains From Vinyl Flooring

Most types of stains and spills can’t do anything to vinyl flooring but there are still a few that can leave their mark on it such as rust. If you learn how to get rid of rust stains from vinyl flooring on your own, it will not only save money but also help you preserve the vinyl flooring. There are several options available to you including some home remedies as well as a variety of cleaners available at any store. However, you need to understand before you start dealing with any kind of stain that using certain cleaning products can worsen the situation. Do not use anything that has a high concentration of bleach and if you are not sure about a particular product, get in touch with the manufacturer before you use it on vinyl flooring.

DIY Remedy

Here is a home-made remedy that is highly effective for removing rust stains from vinyl flooring. You should be able to find these everyday products in your kitchen. These should also be available at the local grocery store at affordable prices. Get baking soda, vinegar, some water as well as some clean rags to get started. Take baking soda and spread a layer over the rust stain and pour vinegar onto the clean rag to wet it. Take this rag and gently massage the stain for a few minutes. Afterward, rinse the stained area with water. In many cases, this process will need to be repeated a few times to get rid of the rust stain for good.

The science behind this concept is that baking soda helps in oxidizing the stain and vinegar helps in loosening it which means you should be able to get your vinyl floor looking like new. If the baking soda isn’t enough, try rubbing alcohol to wipe the area once you have rinsed it with water and then apply more baking soda.

Cleaners Available at Store

You should be able to find products at your local grocery store or home improvement store to get rid of rust stains from vinyl flooring. Search for oxalic acid solution powder. However, you should know that it is a toxic product which means you will need to wear gloves and a mask when using it. The container will have instructions on how to use the product and you should always follow those instructions.

It is also recommended to test a product before you use it on the installed flooring. Testing should be done on a scrap piece of vinyl that has been saved during the installation. As mentioned in the above paragraphs, do not use products with a high concentration of bleach as these can lead to bigger issues such as white splotches and you cannot get rid of such problems. It also recommended avoiding using any chlorinated floor cleaners as these can also lead to bigger problems.

The best solution is to avoid rust stains from appearing. One of the ways to ensure that the stains do not appear is to not use nails for the installation of vinyl flooring. Also, try to avoid splashing a huge amount of water onto the vinyl floor. During the wet season, it is recommended to use a shoe rack for avoiding water accumulation and puddles.

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